EPA Anthology Submission

Eldoret Poets Association in collaboration with Mantra Inc. Publishers, calls out for submission to the annual EPA Poetry Anthology. The submission period runs from 11th Nov., 2015 – 1st Jan., 2016.

About the Anthology

An initiative of Eldoret Poets Association, this annual collective thought is geared towards encouraging the appreciation of contemporary Kenyan poets, poetry reading and growth. Diversity and pride as young voices in the Kenyan literature scene are embraced with the aim of nurturing and archiving these expressions in a digital form.

‘Young’ in this case is applied loosely in the premise of not having previously published one’s work in hard copy and relatively ‘new’ in the field. Thus, age is not a prerequisite.

Deadline for submission is on 31st Dec., 2015

No submission fee required.

The collection will not be for sale; and will be availed online for free download.

Intellectual property rights remain with the original author.

The title of the anthology will be decided upon by our editorial team after the submission deadline.

Submission Guidelines

In a bid to offer our readers quality work, the following guidelines should be strictly adhered to lest your poems won’t be published. Any poem that doesn’t meet the desired standards will be rejected. On poems:

1. No stipulation on length or theme is given.

2. All poems should be in English. All grammatical rules including proper spelling should be adhered to except in context where the author diligently exercises his/her ‘poetic license’ purposely for stylistic and structural effect.

3. Font style: Times New Roman, size 12, single spaced.

4. All poems should have a heading in bold and name of author.

5. Only two poems are required.

6. The poems must not have appeared anywhere else online (Facebook, websites, blogs, etc) or published in hard copy or performed anywhere. This includes poems that have been submitted to poetry writing awards.

7. E-mail both poems as a single Word Doc. file attachment to the e-mail address provided. Do not send the poem as body of your e-mail. The heading should read: EPA 2015.

8. A list of accepted poems will be released at the end of the stipulated deadline.

9. Be creative. Be original. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


Bold, in-depth, critical essays on the state of poetry in Kenya are also welcome. A brief biography of the author should accompany the article and e-mailed as a single file.
For inquiries and submission, e-mailĀ  to: eldoretpoets@gmail.com

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