7 Crazy Things I’ve Done In My ‘Spiritual’ Quest

1. In 2008, after reading Anton LaVey’s ‘Satanic Bible’, I plastered my walls with Satanic images. I used to lie in bed playing opera hoping to be possessed. Nothing happened. I don’t believe in spirits as a result.

2. After watching magicians bend spoons on TV (telekinesis), I meditated on a spoon for hours but all I had was a blurry room. I have tried candle-gazing too but the flame never gives in. I still do this when I’m bored. (It’s worthier than watching TV anyway).images

3. After reading about psychic reading and telepathy, I tried to send mental messages to my girlfriend who was away at night. It worked. She texted in the morning saying she dreamt about me the previous night and she wanted to call that night but couldn’t. This usually freaks out some people and I also think individual freewill should be respected but the media does this all the time through repetition (adverts, Kiss 100 playlist, etc).

4. Believe it or not, I’ve tried to poke my index finger through a wall but never got far. In astral projection, they recommend you imagining falling through the chair whenever you sit in a bid to get the mind accustomed to the 5th dimensional reality, and I’ve tried to even imagine I’m invisible as I walk along the streets. Reality is as solid as it should.

5. On astral projection, I’ve tried to leave my body. I have never succeeded in this partly for fear of never returning to my body or finding possessed by another entity. I’ve only managed to visit places, flown through the sky, passed through walls albeit subconsciously, in my deepest sleep where I’m partly aware, partly unconscious. It’s fun! Your spirit plays like a baby in space, no time, no ‘end’. This contradicts my lack of belief in spirits but yes, I’m a man of contradictions.

6. I’ve tried to control people’s mind but it has only worked on one occasion: I was high on weed on my way from Turbo to Eldoret and I tried this on the ‘makanga’. I mentally impressed upon him to imagine I was invisible and not ask me for bus fare. It worked! He just skipped me despite the fact that I was at the backseat sandwiched between two women. It was so unusual I had a laugh. Confident, I tried it on the driver. I could command him mentally to slow down or speed up the vehicle and it worked. Whether this was my weed hallucinations or a higher level of consciousness, is up for debate as far as skepticism goes.

7. I have been through lots of churches and denominations. My very first church as a kid was Legio Maria. Which, according to Wikipedia, “is an extension of interpreted Third Secret of Fatima to a new, albeit African, context. The religious movement was initiated by repeated appearances of a mystic woman to several Roman Catholic members delivering messages about the incarnation of the son of God as a black man.” Such bollocks! Then I moved on to Catholic, Full Gospel, Mormon, and SDA was the final one then I quit church business. What I liked about SDA was their decoding of the book of Revelations. I still don’t comprehend what the symbolism is all about. I contemplated joining Jehovah’s Witness, Freemasonry, Church of Satan and Islam at some point but I hate rules. Rules incite fear and turn you into a slave. Then I embraced the New Age which I partly fuse with Atheism to find balance. That sounds Agnostic, huh? I hate labels too. I’m still learning.

I still remain unattached to any ideology that doesn’t serve my soul.


I don’t claim to have any paranormal abilities like most of the New Agers. But I’m highly sensitive and I can pick negative energy in an instant, even from miles away. I literally get a headache when I shake hands or share seats with angry people. And I’m not even trying to sound special. I’m not. I am. (Well, fuck it.)

What I can also attest to is that chakras are real but the dilemma is what do with them once they are activated. Maybe an elevated sense of awareness, ‘knowingness’, self-healing, freedom, less anxiety and worry, allergy (emotional resistance) towards some things, people and ideologies.

Everything else ‘human’ pretty much stays the same: desire, pain, pleasure and curiosity. But you learn how to handle them better.

I personally believe that any man whose greatest quest is debunking the god idea, the meaning of life and the nature of his soul, is the most intelligent person on earth.

Image credit: A telekinesis scene from the movie ‘The Matrix’.

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