Quotes by John Ciardi (Poet, “Person to Person” )

Poets are mad. Are bankers sane?
-John Ciardi (Instances)

I have never seen bees purposeful except when the hive is threatened.

-John Ciardi (Bees and Morning Glories)

The best of a man is what he thought of and could not be.

-John Ciardi (The Poet’s Words)

And thought is not fact; nor measurable. It is simply there.

-John Ciardi (An Aspect of Air)

Life is the rain that will not stay clean. Language, the wind that brings all thought to mind.

-John Ciardi (The Poet’s Words)

Love must intend realities.

-John Ciardi (My Father Died Imperfect as a Man)

What we hear is poets die, their poems appear still to transmit, and still to be signals from some Reality.

-John Ciardi (Reality and Willie Yeats)

I don’t much care for love that sells itself to tameness, crawling back to lick the hand that did it.

-John Ciardi (Dogs and Foxes)