There was a time a revolution made sense
When activists bled for a cause
And not selfies of their bruised faces for Facebook sympathy ‘likes’ and money from well-wishers of the West and awards and conferences
There was a time angry people burnt tires for a cause
Mothers would lift their skirts up and mock their sons and daughters who have neglected them
There was a time a youth would take a live bullet from FFU and get tossed on the back of Black Mamba to Nyayo House to get their testicles crushed by pliers
There was a time when I was about four
Only an oversized old long T-shirt covering my back
And daddy would hush us to silence during lunchtime news
To catch wind of who Moi has fired
There was a time when teachers went on strike
It was solidarity forever in every street
We would paint chalk-boards, desks, latrine doors with wet chalk: ‘Stryk!’ ‘Stryk’!

Kids roaming in shopping malls

How ready are they to swing arms with their parents in solidarity and march to State House?

There was a time when a president appeared on TV, somebody lost his job, reshuffled the cabinet or declared war on the opposition
Such a time a president didn’t care about TV commercials and photos of him hugging children
All you saw was the number of “Harambee” fund raising he did to a struggling primary school in his rural home

There was a time when a teacher meant something
When all you wanted was to be like Mr. Ouma when you grow up and you could imitate his gait and ‘learned’ English dictions

But why are these moulders of our social clay on strike every year?

If you pay these people too much money, they will lazy about and start toying fancy ideas like investing, vacations and foreign trips when they should be serving society.

Pay them peanuts, keep them in a loop. This will make them philosophical. Committed. They will succumb. They will fight to protect these jobs. They will take loans that will keep them in a much tighter loop.

People who get paid hundreds of thousands per month are likely to resign and start their own business.

Now, when was the last time you heard a teacher/nurse/police/soldier resign to start a multi-million shillings company?

How’d he when he swims with loan sharks;
Mwalimu Sacco

Why are MPs (Money Pilferers) never on salary strike?
Who cries for the child of the poor?
When the middle class home school their own?
Where are the poets who benefited fromĀ  literature lessons?
Who speaks out for the underpaid, overworked BOM/private schools teachers?
Who speaks out for delayed bursary funds?
Do we rather waste time and save money?
Do we rather empty classes and fill prisons?

Where are these “Occupy Parliament/WallStreet” protests?
Occupy the streets!
Occupy Toronto/Ontario
Occupy London
Occupy Seattle

Occupy your child’s future!

Or else
The only strike worth looking forward to