What is better than rays of free light through the mental plane? My guess, First Train from Lamu presents the power that we all been waiting for, the direction that we’ve all been yearning for, the light at the end of the tunnel or better yet the illumination of freedom like we are on top of the pyramids of El Giza.

Excuse the poetry on this article that you currently got your sockets on because probably you haven’t heard or listened to this amazing LP that is making history throughout the 254. Many of you have been wondering what happened to the good old lyrical delivery that was done effortlessly by the likes of Kalamashaka, Ukoo Flani and K South and the likes; the underground revolution that hit the streets of Nairobi, Mombasa and all other urban and suburban areas, uplifting the youth and giving them hope in the struggle.

…this amazing piece of art that reflects the future of Kenya..

Well, worry no more because one emcee by the name Dizasta254 also going by the moniker “Lion Simba” got you on this amazing piece of art that reflects the future of Kenya and for the sake of breaking and penetrating boundaries and spreading the spirit through the continent and the whole Pan-African nation, he represents The Future of Afro Hip Hop.

Lion simba2
Laced with SOUL POETRY, this piece of art is undoubtedly larger than life and introduces to the world the first step to a mental revolution that will leave you FREE WITH WILL, FREE OFF ILLS and most definitely FREE TO LIVE.
Don’t be left behind the revolution, because the sounds and words are meant for those ready with drums in ears.

As the sophomore release of the newest Hip Hop record label in the 254, BLACK CITY, Dizasta254 who is the leading light ensures a soulful, forceful, local but yet international delivery, got me wondering if sugar and spice is all I hear because everything nice, from Track 1 to Track 11 and leaving you thirsting for more. It doesn’t get better than this. Hurry and get yourself a copy because the revolution never been televised but telepathically to all you Hip Hop heads.
Physical copies go for Kshs. 350 in all avenues close to you. Soft copies are also available through email at Kshs. 250.

Lion Simba
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