After the Sequel

Ibada ya white flag:
Kufunga chapter ya memoir za utopia
[bila bookmark]
Remix ya dreams deferred:

I swear earth ili-tilt kwa orbit
Watching the moon dim her glow
Ebbing [s]low
Kila heartbeat iligeuka choke-hold
Nightmares I never foretold
Ku-plaster walls za silence na tattoo waterworks
Ama ninge-sacrifice kidneys na lungs
Kwa hurricanes za liquor na weed
But me, ni sonata ya broken cellos
So I swallow my tongue
To lick the vinegar within

Kumbukumbu za fairy tales
[za ku-tiptoe on petals]
Vidole ziki-dove tail
Ndimi ziki-holy grail:
Oath beyond the grave
Beyond the skylines
Beyond Berlin Walls za human constructs
Beyond poetry

Sasa nashuhudia:
Roses ziki-bleed
Crosses ziki-flip script
Ya destiny tuliandika na divine ink
Martyrs are born to these
Eti hata half-a-kiss bado ni loaf ya starving soul
Hii ni faith ya misanthrope/hymn ya heathen
Na a-thousand candles spelling y/our name

Ku-recite philosophy ya Diogenes
By the dying embers

Hardcore narratives ndio huni-keep afloat
My soul iki-sail on a leaking boat

Love, I didn’t ask for the rain:
                                                      only two rainbows & two pots of gold.

Now look what you gave me:
                                                    The sea and a sinking ship.

Here, I dangle on tomorrow’s edge
Baking the last sacrament
With each bite I ascend…

For now niko ensnared kwa hizi vina
Kila hook ni inverted [“?”]
Kaa si divine geometry lane zetu hazingewahi intersect

For now niko haunted na images za fantasy na euphoria
The curve of your mouth on a white cloud
My aura is a dark cloud, hovering

For now the soul remains a dungeon; a catacomb
And in there are rooms of all the people we ever knew
And became to be

For now Albany iko replay

For now na-try ku-loop heart beat ya me kwa black keys
[Mahler’s “Symphony No.2”]

For now na-stroll na sabre swords outside the gates of my soul –
waging war against the poet

For now quiescence ni therapeutic

For now kuna stain sugu kwa chakra

For now niko suspended kati ya ether na abyss

For now kuna crossfade kwa hizi table zime-turn

For now tuko stranded kwa hizi bridges tume-burn

For now, I breathe with a hole in my left lung

For now niko third layer ya Inception
[labda huko reality ni bending spoon]

For now kuna signs ziko coded kwa sighs;
when the hands

of the clock


at midnight.


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