1. shallow graves: the setting sun & the memories she sinks with

2. inside a broken house // with a wife whose mouth is a burning book// words that leave soot around the edges of your soul// she calls out names like a thousand flames

3. in a country of a million bats// whose names change into votes after 5 years

4. inside two empty beer bottles, two clenched tongues & a broken heart: how do you/we even dream?

5. inside a bolted mind// it blocks the soul from the sunshine

6. the constant fear of losing you// like that time// first time i knew how beautiful you were// so i remained a wall the rest of the night

7. inside an empty pocket// where your child is supposed to run to // but the empty rooms in your eye// reminds him that even the sky bleeds blue in summer

8. inside another man’s wallet// dependence turns one into a footnote// your story told through another man’s fingers

9. inside a body that is afraid to die//a body that has become a shadow of itself: a child gripped by fear

10. inside a heart shaped like an emblem// unchanging// susceptible to stereotypes

11. in a bubble of beliefs: a slave to spinning mirrors// rather, be like water on a lotus leaf.


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