revivification. (n)

be a shadow: light yourself on fire.

believe in water and the ability of time to grow new wings.

what can i offer you more golden than silence?

everybody wants to be unknown.

let your guilt define your choice; not your fire.

break into relativity and levitate.

break down into bread and morph.

take the shape of water in the face of chaos.

remain crystallized.

let your thoughts shine like 300 dew drops.

oppose mediocrity in the strictest terms POSSIBLE.

take up space. be big. swallow the milkyway.

let your throat sparkle. like spring. sing.

consume emptiness and birth a question.

learn how to die; to philosophize : acquisition of knowledge is a near-death experience.

be paid out by the moon’s seduction; ingest it is to find revivification.

when time speaks to the wind, call it motion; the reality of all things perceptive.

witness this paraplegic view of events: a worm crawls back to the center of the cloud.

or, two kids share a joke on the anatomy of war, love and the spaces in between: the duality of nothing.

if you’re in that 111 context then :-

let intergalactic forces level your eyes into the god-complex: find your house.

feel invisible, indivisible, one with a grass blade: one with an ocean drop: one with the pulse from the epicenter of.