First, her body is an altar.
Kisses are black candles.

So light her up like a night
vigil. Then, light the incense.

Cleanse her energy auras
until her body turns into

crystal stones. Now her body
is water. Would you rather

swim in her or turn her into
wine like an alchemist?

Next, her nipples are needles.
Your tongue is a vinyl plate.

Blend in the sample from her throat
and let the bed become a turntable.

(Like DJ Premier on that Illmatic shit.)

Next, her body is now a city.
Get lost in her dimly lit subways.

Every touch is a question:
how do we get home, babe?

Next, your addiction to jazz has just
turned you into a bassline and your

heartbeats together can spin the
galaxies off they axis. Last but not

least, watch war explode
between her legs like you was

making love on a landmine.
Her body is now a dying ember.

(Like that Mike Brown white bullet dying him)

Her body is now a
c r o
s – fade.

Her heartbeat is now a

f a d . i n g






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