when i was 16 i used to steal my brother’s porn dvds and beat my dic like a michael jackson song till i lost weight like a lonely feather since we fuc’d sometimes i touch myself imagining my hand as your lips i don’t cum i just go back to our first fuc before you got saved and regained your virginity i hate that nigga jesus because you kiss his face in your prayers every night i’m here waiting for your texts sometimes i go out and drink and dance and smoke though i promised to stop to impress you i’m a man sometimes i bring light-skinned prostitutes home and we fuc for hours and when i’m about to cum i cry out your name and spank their grizzled booties out of spite despite my beef with god please pray for us in your aggravating prayers tell god i want a daughter that sings like you the only problem is mother divorced a month ago with my step-dad and i suddenly feel like i’m 7 years old and mom is fixing breakfast breakfast smells cigarettes because mom smokes every morning at 4 mom is bridging the gap left between my dad’s grave and my step-dad’s favorite coach that was 7 years ago i never met him my dad but mom tells me he died but i think i’ve seen his face twice and mom is bitching over everything and she doesn’t pick my calls i’m the first born they say i look like dad so when our daughter catches a flu my mother won’t be around to suck mucus from her granddaughter’s nose so she can learn to breathe like a lady and not a slut sorry i didn’t mean to demean women do you recall the day i stole dad’s car and drove to the woods and you slapped me when i fished out a condom out of my back pocket i wanted to sex you like they do in the movies your hands on the dashboard like wipers and me eating you out like a picnic and watch war explode from your legs like we was making love on a landmine sometimes i go to the woods and smoke trees and breathe and count my blessings and birds in your name and watch the sun burst at the seams and i have learnt one thing judge people as much as you can, as loud as you can – it will reveal you to yourself it’s like looking at the underarms of your white t.shirt and realize your body is a bleaching agent etc


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