For M.

i wrote you poems
before i even knew
how the metaphors
in your kiss tasted like

i build an altar
inside those kalenjin eyes
and i would worship you
like a prayer

the naivety
of our flirtations:

it felt like incest
for you’re just
an indigo child
learning to be herself
in a world where
the self is for hire

in our solemn debates about god
i killed him
you resurrected him
then she created us
as part of her
divine plan

you cried some nights
only to use my heart
as the back of your hand

this was the genesis
of our revelation

of evening dust on her feet
as she shuffled her legs
in my presence

i could see your heart beat
go off beat
from the tremor
of your voice

on a saturday you smiling
at my cameraphone
grass and shades
and the 4 pm sunset
at Merika park

my cup overfloweth

cupping your face in my palms
like a book of psalms
to a love pilgrim
i was/am
infatuated by your cheeks’
radiant blushes
when you smile
your face beams like a mothership
we should elope to the pleiades
so we can fall in love in space
because gravity can’t hold us down

you’re my root

hold me down mama
with the strands of your hair
annoint me
oil me
wash my weary feet
feet that have grown blisters
searching for love
outside myself

i have left footprints
shaped like question marks
in the hearts of women

heaven, i have sinned
i have drunk the truth
from empty glasses

i have seen love
grow wings
like a misplaced metaphor

this song is for M.
the earth is your dancefloor
baby dance
shake it, drop it
pop your hips
to the rhythm of the moon
watch the sky fall
searching for its brightest star

and, unconditional love?

that’s a foreign language
to my tongue
because i have lied before
just to smell the morning
in a woman’s cuddle

teach me a new cliché

beauty isn’t in the ‘I’
of the be
of the keys
to the self

beauty is now a revised edition
it’s a remix to my imagination

beauty is a curse –
me spell-ing your name
in full
of our life’s beginning

beauty is two verbal bullets
dropping your body
like a beat
and i flow
into you
like a rhyme

and love?

love is a human construct
it has no value
in man’s evolution

i only believe
in chaos

so give me your hand
let’s touch
and take care of each other
like wounded fingers
of the other arm

twin flames:
our souls are Siamese
when life cuts you
i bleed

i want to make my world bigger
by imagining it
into a galaxy
and your laughter
is a cacophony
of planets

the evenings

i would play Gramatik
& Quantic
& Hawk House
& Otis Redding:
These. Arms. Of. Mine
switch off the lights
and read a poem
counting to the day

the day after the pagan mass
i waited for you on 26th
as a gift
but the convent wouldn’t
let you come

i escaped to the hills
on 28th
to imagine you

on this mountain
i saw your beauty in trees
bloom to green
like the colour of rain

on this mountain
i swear i created you
from the dust of my
in my own image

on this mountain i would sigh
what’s here for a black child?

the wind steals our silence
a reminder that we are alive

thus spoke Zarathustra:
life’s path is science of the sands

like fear, all gods are imagined
from Zeus to the ‘I’ AM

you goddess of the wind
you control the pendulum
of my mood swings

one day i’m blue
one day i’m grey

one day the earth will collapse and die
i hope you find your dreams in the rubble
of a broken past

thus i would mumble to the wind
to volley my voice to your shoulders
to hug you thro’ the night
till the morning
of our wedding

till the morning
i would imagine you
into me
like water to a parched ground

like a break beat
to a slam poem

my starving body
would imagine you
like dinner
in my living room
my tongue
eating you out
like a picnic

babe your body is a bomb
drop it on my lap
let’s dance like war

like woah
a moan:

i’m gonna
make love to your
like a verse
i’ll edit your breath
into short sentences

let’s compose prose for porn
let’s play house
me a starving church mouse
you a hungry p ______

now chase me into the nooks
and crannies of my skin
f_____ me like a gang r___e
like gangsta rap

like a piano man
i’ll finger-f_____
your vibe
into orgasmic
d s o t o s
i t r i n

like America
just discovered oil in Africa
f_____ me

like the seesaw
of life

f______ me like my mama
did in brothels
to feed me
and my brothers

f_____ like the recession
like January money
and the rent is overdue

like white cops
and Negroes

like you just met me
in the club dancing
and drinking
my dry spells away

f me proper, b
move to the beat
of the roof
like where your legs at?

f me like a heartbreak

like when love became a price tag
and p______ became a paycheck

like mike check
en yo flo iz wack


sometimes i whisper
to the mirror:
you are a magnet
of shiny things, sun

sometimes a drool
on my pillow
could have been
a breath
of your morning

sometimes love
is a mirage
the mind’s imagination
to all things
and perfect
and meaning

dear M.,

if you ever get
to read this poem

delete it


burn it
and blow the ashes
to the four corners
of the universe

and (I) wil(L) be on this mountain
waiting f(O)r your arms
as a (V)oice
from th(E) wind
that’s tired of breaking the spines
of trees
as if it wants them to bend over
like a sh(Y) sunflower
and twerk
t(O) the music
of o(U)r