This list is not presented in any chronological order of events. No citation or reference is (deliberately) given regarding the source of this information. This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to coarce the reader into any ideology contrary to their faith. As such, the reader is encouraged to research on this for further credence of the information provided below.

1. The real name of Jesus was Jmmanuel (yes, with ‘J’) and was a great prophet and teacher. For convenience’s sake, we’ll still call him Jesus in this list.

2. The biological father of Jesus was an alien being named Gabriel (mistakenly known as ‘angel Gabriel’ in the Bible).

3. Jesus never resurrected from the dead – because he didn’t die at the cross. He survived the crucifixion and after regaining his health from a coma in 3 days, he was secretly whisked from the tomb to Syria by Joseph and his friends from India, and settled in Damascus.

4. He travelled to India at the age of 13 to learn meditation. Arahat Athersata was his spiritual teacher while on his Earth missions. Arahat is an advanced spiritual form comprised of seven spirits.

5. He got married at the age of 45 and had a first-born son called Joseph.

6. He died at 115 years of age and was buried in Sirnagar, India, surviving by 3 sons.

7. The Biblical accounts of his life are – on a larger scale – wrong. The true account of his life was written by his most beloved disciple and scribe, Judas Iscariot (who the Bible erroneously calls his traitor). This account was stolen by Juda Iharioth and sold to the Pharisees as evidence against Jesus’ blasphemous accusations. It’s Juda Iharioth who hung himself and not Judas Iscariot. Judas wrote other scripts that lay hidden for 2000 years.

8. Jesus confronted Saul on his way to Damascus by playing a trick of lighting a fire that ‘blinded’ Saul. Having believed Jesus to be dead, upon hearing his voice, he was convinced that that was the ghost of Jesus and was therefore panic-stricken and decided to reform and stop the torture of the followers of Jesus’ teachings at the time.

9. Jesus’ mother, Mary, died when Jesus was about 38 years old and was buried in Pakistan.

10. Judas Iscariot continued to write the history of Jesus until he died at the age of 90. Joseph, Jesus’ firstborn, carried on the writing and hid the scrolls at his father’s tomb, which were discovered 2000 years later. The original scrolls were written in Aramaic and out of the 120 chapters, only 36 made it to translation into German then other languages.

11. “The Lord’s Prayer” in the Bible was not about asking the mysterious God to help people; but it was Jesus teaching about meditation and tapping of the spirit within us. It was originally known as “My
Spirit”, and thus began:

“My spirit, you’re omnipotent and your name
is holy. May your kingdom reincarnate in

12. His birthday is actually 3rd February and not 25th December.

13. He was not a Son of God or God as popularly believed and recorded in religious books, but a son of Gabriel, a celestial being from the Pleiadian race (a star cluster located in the Taurus constellation), and an earthly woman (Mary, an old Lyran spirit), and was sent to teach humans about creation and the lessons of life.

15. He was neither Black as claimed by the Black community nor as portrayed by popular art and movies. He’s physically described as, “5’11” in height, 175 pounds in weight during the time of his crucifixion, tanned skin, large hands, large-boned with black curly hair.”

16. In 189 A.D., his name was changed to Jesus Christ and his teachings were rewritten to form Christianity, partly to control vulnerable humans looking for God outside themselves, partly to share his message of reminding humans that the God they seek or fight over is within.

17. Jesus’ father, Gabriel, often visited him and he thus knew his father was no God. He was simply in a mission to teach humans about self-reliance and their connection with the rest of creation. When he tried this, he discovered that humans were already accustomed to the idea of being ruled by gods and was therefore accused of blasphemy (which is still common at this age towards individuals who offer alternative views concerning God, religion and the origin of man. Such intolerance is rampant in the Middle East and other parts of the world…). Consequently, Jesus was captured and tortured.


He is certainly not coming back to save humanity from anything; nor did he die for anyone’s sins. Humans must bear responsibility of their own actions. He lived and died just like any other mortal man. The “helper” he “left behind” talked of in the Bible is indeed the spirit in each one of us that has always been there from the beginning since humans are spirits residing in a material body. Any claim or occurrence of the return of Jesus would be a stage-managed event by elite world powers with the support of malevolent ETs (probably the emotionless Greys from the Zeta Retuli star system that despise humans and have often abducted humans for their lab experiments) to further control humanity through fear and division.


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