I cringe whenever I come across the word God – based on the indoctrination of the younger me as a church goer, on attributes of God as a vengeful, demanding and reprimanding being. The type of guy you don’t wanna fuck with. Just like a little hood tattooed rascal high on meth with a pistol in his hip, or a club bouncer on steroids. There are countless tales in the Bible where God smacks people dead or causes a plague on people who misbehave or refuse to obey him. He is like an abusive, controlling parent.

Since I can’t read a good, inspiring New Age material as an alternative to the cynical Biblical stuff without the word God appearing up all over the place, I have decided to change the intent – as a selfish, hedonistic being – to feel better about myself. I have decided to rename him. Just imagine what these two names, conjure up, regardless of their common syllabic base: Obama, Osama. Or, a case where a Christian brother called Michael converts to Islam and becomes Mohammed and, with the Islamophobic mentality the world has, our stereotypical tendencies will start seeing Michael in a different light. There is power in a name.

Therefore, from now henceforth, I will mentally substitute the word God with the adjective Good or noun, Goodness. This is my version of God. Just like “Saul” to “Paul”. Just like the New Age idea of renaming “Jesus” to “Y’eshua” as if that will change shit, or the desperate attempt by the Black community to justify that Jesus was Black as if that will change the fact that it’s a minor race frowned upon by other races. But, in my cultic disposition, adopting the new God, now Goodness, will change lots of things for me (I don’t care about you. Create your own God or cling to the old one. Or get rid of God altogether. Every man for himself.)

Therefore, if I were to rewrite a couple of lines in the Bible, it would read as:

“And Good(ness) said, ‘let us create man in our image…'”. “Let us” would now spare us the headache of figuring out whether God were aliens or the Trinity since “us” is a plural personal pronoun. Good(ness) would therefore be apt since it refers to positivity, all-things-good, pure intent. All-Things-Good would create (duplicate, lead to) other good things (hence, images).

Therefore, man the image will be the reflection of Good(ness), i.e. patient, forgiving, peace-loving, a co-creator, abundant, a healer…all virtuous qualities; as opposed to, man the image (of the conventional God) who possesses the attributes we witness today, i.e. angry, possessive, vengeful, pretentious, controlling, fearful, selfish, demanding, a separate being from God (now, Good(ness)) and therefore will fight to belong. (Re-read that last line).

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…” will become, “The love of Good(ness) is the beginning of wisdom.” I substituted ‘fear’ with ‘love’ for contextual compatibility since goodness can only be loved and not otherwise. Those who fear Good(ness) are all over your newsfeed with the results.

The new God (Good(ness)) will not ask anything of you like worship or tithing or killing on his behalf, since Goodness is abundant in its own right. Goodness/positivity won’t judge you either since Goodness knows all things are done with intention of goodness. The new God will be universal and not entitled to only a class or race of people.

Goodness will rid us of the image of a mysterious being controlling every aspect of our lives or the selective dad who only rewards those who beg, pray to him. Goodness will give us the idea of attitude, feeling, energy. If you’re battling sickness and a friend suggests “pray to Goodness” or simply “pray to Good”, you get the idea of channeling goodness to your body to heal it as opposed to “pray to God” where as conditioned, one goes to kneel on their bedside crying and cursing and repenting for the choices they made in the past and then hoping miracles will happen.

If you haven’t noticed, the cliché “God is Good” now makes philosophical sense.
The atheists can now relax. The morality question can now be perceived differently.

So on that note, Good bless you. May Goodness grant you all your heart’s desires.
Because that’s all what Goodness does: give.


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