Besides death, man’s greatest threat is God. The God idea.

Therefore, the preliminary step to the so-called enlightenment, is questioning conventional beliefs and dogma (skepticism).

The second step is rejection of the God idea and the existence of God (atheism).

The third step is finding the meaning and purpose of life in oneself (existentialism). Therefore, man is God himself.

The fourth step is tolerance or acceptance of nature’s diversity, duality in nature (Absolute Nothingness or ” Metanoetics”). Man reaches his limit of judgement or bias. He is “changed”.

He guides without coercion or prejudice those who express the need of guidance without forcing his ideas on others. He has no point to prove. He never ceases to learn either. In the long run, he finds out that he knows nothing.

He still questions and marvels. He seeks, or rather follows his oversoul into understanding of important intrinsic concepts of human nature and behavior. He embraces science, spirituality, astronomy, astrology, palmistry, torat cards, ancient literature, philosophy, mysticism, UFO phenomenon, pranic healing, meditation, yoga, laws of the universe, metaphysics, NLP,…his existence loses meaning. Literally.

He is beyond the economic, political and religious concerns of the majority. He knows the world at large is a reflection of the self – the result and inevitable impact of collective consciousness. He knows that every outcome stems from individual choices. Or lack of them thereof.

Here, the seeker is done debating the existence of God, fault-finding in religious texts, but acknowledges diversity in belief systems. He drops his judgemental garb, becomes a teacher, a researcher, thinker and guru. He persists in dedicating his time and energy in feeding the soul and mind with knowledge, experiences and love. He is no longer attached to identities. He finds difficulty naming things. Reality becomes fluid – amorphous. He sheds conformity. He is no longer an atheist, agnostic, philosopher, New Ager, master, Taoist, vegan, light warrior, critic…He just is. A free soul buoyantly basking in breeze of the Now.

He embraces the idea that everything is interconnected. He therefore embraces all philosophy and schools of thought; filters what resonates with his biases – from Judaism, Islam, Nihilism, Taoism, Theosophy, African ancient teachings, music, poetry, psychedelics, Freemasonry, Illuminatus, alchemy, Thelema, Christianity, visual art, physical pleasures, al.

He no longer looks up to one teacher, but views humanity as a whole as teachers. He learns from a toddler about innocence, rebellion from an adolescent, responsibility from adults and wisdom from the elderly. Animals, plants, stones, numbers, words, circumstances, synchronicity, symbols, technology, his environment, tribe, likes and phobias, dreams…have hidden messages for him.
He pays attention to detail.

He becomes a student of nature. He realizes that he is not so different from the rest of humanity; that it’s all a balance. That his existence is a collage of motion, stillness and chaos. One thing, however, is for certain:

Nothing is ever the same.


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