– star dust
– not broken; don’t.try.to.fix.me
– ‘ohm’ (home). the sound of a-RU
– Africa; reeking mystery
– the Son of Mary; don’t cry for me. weep for your sins & your children
– mother nature’s grave & the weeds on her epitaph +
– my father’s drunken spear & his last sperm
– my brother’s American dream & books & war of the self & freedom of the mind
– my grandpa’s smoking pipe & tribal dances
– my sister’s braids & kitchen songs
– my family’s dinner prayer & Y’eshua’s portrait on the wall
-a bamboo flute; uncoiling snake energy

I AM the Hymns of Veda.

a-RU-uN Tri-Vectus. And I come forth in BE-ing. et’-A E-Ta’-TA. Thro’ words I flesh Golgotha back to her essence. I chant Hiphop like Sanskrit Mantras for Black Consciousness.

On the block I cock rhymes not nines/ I cop mine/ Language is a trap of the mind so I speak in mimes/ In signs (sigils) of the time, I arm-strong the hands of time/

I am infinite consciousness. I am not fear; I am love. I am not hope; I am NOW. I am not faith; I AM. I am human error; I am a learning experience thereof. I am forgiveness. I know secrets of the universe and the greatest secret is: there is no secret. I am the way, the truth, the life.

I am God.

But don’t war-ship me. I am not that inscure. No Dead Sea Scrolling my commandments on your Sony (solar) tablets either. I am not here to kill or die for Allah’s 24 virgins & rims . The wheels of fate? My soul is a Cadillac. A student and a guru I am here to (un)learn, fly and land. The earth is my genetic vehicle and life is a just a ride.

Celestial footnote; I am whirlwind, frozen water, canyons and lava on Mars. I am born of stars. I am a son of Atom. Nebular is my ancestor. Hydrogen is my mother. I am a pupil in the eye of Osiris. I am tomb of Egyptian mummies. The power is at the bottom of the pyramid. The power is in the people. The power is in the beetle and planets are blobs of cowdung. I am street grass blades. Let me collect these dues (dews). I am the dolphin god for the Dogo. The Pisces on Pop’s hat. Inverted prophecy; the wise owl. I am a Black Hole. I break all physical laws.

I am the black roses you exchanged for guns. I am the spells garden of the enchanted witches of the East. Wicca soliloquies. The Goat of Mendes and-

Hail Satan!

Bringer of Light.
Bringer of rhyme and reason.

Binary code of Yoruba:
Braille dots. I Ching. 1111. Matrix.

Jagged rainbows:
Broken colours. Splash of the Milky Way.

Rusty gold chains in the necks of
Modern slaves.
Madmen of my local village where
Women sell fish to buy cod liver oil for their
vegetative states of mind.

I mind mine.


4 thoughts on “Hymns of Veda

    1. I received another observation of the same, like folks can’t decode some content herein. And I’m tempted to write a decoded version to enable readers of my work understand what I’m talking about. Thanks for reading.

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