Nothing is worth dying for. Your dream is another man’s luxury.

Love those who love you. Love those who don’t. Love love. Love is infinite.

Age is your body’s imagination. Being young is not an achievement. Being old doesn’t make you a god either.

Appreciate more. Fret less. Happiness is born this way.

Those who give always appear abundant. There is enough for all of us if we learn to share.

Revenge makes you feel better. But it doesn’t change the facts. So forgive.

To fail and to give up are two different things. Journey on.

This world is your only home. Take care of it. This world is not your home. Don’t die trying to dominate it.

Money makes the difference. But it doesn’t solve every problem. Money is energy. Invest in it.

You don’t have to clear everything on your plate.

Social media is part of your energy field. You are what you share/post and read. The ‘like’ button is an affirmation. Feeds with similar energy pattern will be attracted to you. L.O.A.

If you are going to be gay, at least be handsome. Defiance has a price. Nature demands leverage.

Rise above the Hip hop mentality. Not all of us have experienced slavery, racism, sold drugs or been to jail. Appreciate the culture, the poesy, the love. Any other imitation is vanity.

Nature knows balance. There is no such thing as loss or a wrong decision. Or imperfect. Or lack. Life is fair.

Avoid angry, sad and violent people. Their karma is theirs to deal with. Still love them.

Be wary of people who agree with everything you say. Provoke them, then their real truth will show.

Get off your knees. Get your eyes off the sky. Look within. Be silent. There you are.

Smile. That’s your heart’s sunshine to the world.

Read a poem a day. Write something. Anything.

Be patient. Still, don’t die waiting.
Do something. Be something. Break rules.

Be. Become.


3 thoughts on “Imperatives

  1. Brother… I’m reading all the pieces on your blog… This is my favourite chill spot so far… No homo compliments but your blog is juiccyyyy


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