Books, unless you are reading them for academic purposes to get your certificate or degree, they are just a pile of words in print. Books, unless you apply the knowledge acquired in real life, they are just whistles in the wind. Whether you read them from the comfort of your glass house overlooking the city buildings and traffic or from the humble abode of the slums where you can smell your neighbour’s dinner, books are an escape, a world of its own. A house of cards that tumbles once you thumb the last page.

Unless you start saving and investing, Donald Trump’s “How to Get Rich” or Robert Kiyosaki’s “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” or Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” or Rhoda Byrne’s “The Law of Attraction” will pass of as ‘an amazing book’. Reading Vatsyayana’s “Kama Sutra” or the popularized “50 Shades of Grey” and masturbating will be doing injustice to the authors, if you don’t go out there and exploit somebody’s carnal imaginations until your bodies are sore. No matter how many verses of the Bible you have crammed, if you can’t love people for who they are, give your clothes to the destitute; love your family, work hard, you’re abusing the divine intent of the book. No matter how many quotes you can share from Plato’s “The Public” or Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”, if you are a nutcase who can’t think for himself and banks on the government and media and popular opinion, you’re being unfair to philosophy.

The bottomline is, read for a purpose.

The following books are my favorite, not because of their fancy titles or controversial nature but because they have changed the way I view things from life, love, death, good and evil, the nature of man and nature itself and beyond. If you are a lover of fiction, too bad.

The Biggest Secret – David Icke

This book opened up my eyes, literally.

As a kid, I was inquisitive in nature. Annoying to an extent. I always wondered what lay beyond the skies, who created God, what am I really doing here, why do we fall sick, why some people wealthy others poor, what is the purpose of joining the military, where do races come from, how can one man design a rocket and one can’t even invent a matchstick…all these questions even the most revered book, the Bible couldn’t answer me. We were having a talk with a friend and then he mentioned this book. I got the soft copy and from 6 p.m. until mid night I scrolled through, no supper was necessary. The year was 2008. The information I came across at that time opened portals in my mind and I began to see life differently.

From the creation of mankind (the slave race) by aliens in a test-tube, shape-shifting of lizard hybrids in world power from the Queen to George Bush, the invention of money, religion, technology and World Wars 1 & 2, how the colonization of Africa and partition was an idea of one family from Britain, the secrets of the mind, the secret societies and world control, the media and subconscious manipulation, the Law of Attraction…I was young and this information was too much to handle. I read the book twice. Common stuff like watching TV news, sports, mainstream music, misuse of sexual energy in the name of fucking girls around, politics, drinking, smoking, hanging around friends who added no value in my personal life…became so trivial, so useless that I spent most of my time in the house searching for more knowledge. This attracted a different world of new information and people.

The Deception Perception – David Icke

The second most powerful book I ever read by the same author. Here Icke gives alternative information on the matrix we live in. How time is controlled by the moon-saturn-matrix. How and why planetary bodies including the sun are objects of worship from ancient times and how they are covertly worshipped today through days of the week, holidays, and churches/mosques as coded in the Quran and Bible.

I Am Me I Am Free – David Icke

This book redefines the meaning of freedom. The truth is, all of us are slaves. We are raised by an ignorant society: parents, teachers and social icons in entertainment and sports. We are programmed on what to wear, eat, listen to, drink, how to pray, how to define success, talk to a lady, have sex, how to be everything else but not ourselves. He summarily says, it is all a piece of shit, walk away.

Conversations With God (The Trilogy) – Neale Donald Walsh

The best three books you will ever read. The god idea is debunked. Love is given a different dimension. That all we seek is within. You are god. You are love. The book is written in a dialogue form where the seeker asks god any question from the meaning of sin, judgment, hell, end of the world, life after death, whether atheists will be shocked to find out about the other side of the veil.

Conversations With Adam – Damiene Sage Miller

A channeled book that offers answers to life’s deepest and often unasked questions.

The Tao Te Ching – Dr. Dwayne Wayner

A simple philosophy of 88 verses that will definitely change your view on things. A daily dose of meditations written by a Chinese teacher and philosopher, Lao Tzu.

The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry – Manly P. Hall

Manly P. Hall was a 33rd degree Mason. For students who thirst for esoteric knowledge to learn about the secrets of the universe and enlightenment, the book offers guidance on the essence of Freemasonry. The Lost Word of Hiram Abiff, the allegory of building of the temple of Solomon, a basic foundation of Freemasonry. He defines a Mason as,

“…a man who in his heart has been duly and truly prepared, has been found worthy and well qualified, has been admitted to the fraternity of builders, been invested with certain passwords and signs by which he may be enabled to work and receive wages as a Master Mason, and travel in foreign lands in search of that which was lost – The Word.”

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages – Manly P. Hall

Detailed treatise on allegory, the power of symbols, astrology, numerology, Hiram Abiff, the human body, philosophy, the pyramid, Egyptian gods, etc.

Morals And Dogma – Albert Pike

Talks in detail about the degrees of Freemasonry up to the 32nd, Lucifer as the bringer of knowledge and light, occultism, the Kaballah, the sacred name “Om” as used in meditation. Pike has been quoted numerously, oftentimes erroneously, in Illuminati conspiracy theories and YouTube videos.

The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins

If Atheists had a god, it would definitely be Richard Dawkins. The God Delusion is every atheist’s reference manual. The truth is, theist or atheist, we have all questioned the existence of God especially when life hits a snag; somebody we love dies, we lose jobs, we lay bedridden, looked at the rot of the human soul, the lose of innocent lives. On an intellectual level, we have questioned the spiritual books, fairy tales of heaven, the origin of life and time, death and the universe, morality and pain. Dawkins delves into the non-existence of God, monotheism, secularism and morality. He refers to Hitler and Stalin as popular atheists. If you ever questioned the existence of God beyond the religious dogma, this is your book.

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramhansa Yogananda

Recommended to me by a friend and spiritual healer and teacher, this wonderful book journeys through the path of enlightenment. Themed on Buddhism, Theosophy, reincarnation, yoga and ascended masters, it a memoir of an Indian Yogi’s journey to Godhood.

God’s Gladiators – Stuart Wilde

Still on the enlightenment path and Godhood, this books offers insight on the world beyond the third dimension. Stuart challenges common beliefs. He says everything is backwards: pork is the safest meat to eat, it was Adam who was created from Eve’s rib, heaven is hot and hell is cold, you are trapped in this earth until you evolve – not even death can save you, there are invisible beings around you, there is no such thing as freewill, etc.

Food Of The Gods – Terrence Mckenna

Drugs make millions worldwide. But why do we need cocaine, tobacco, heroine? This book explores on man’s obsession with psychedelics and alcohol. Why do we want to get high? Why this campaign about marijuana? Why do some religions discourage it?

Summoning Spirits – Konstantinos

If you are interested in magic/wicca like me, then this is your book. You want to talk to the dead, cast spells, invoke demons, talk to angles and ask for gifts, summon spirits using pentagrams, black candles, Ouija boards and invocation rituals, then follow the instructions therein.

Awakening The Third Eye – Samwel Sagana

This book offers detailed steps on opening all the 7 chakras besides the Third Eye. It worked for me. You get to learn about leylines, energy grids, the ethereal body, auras, protection, etc.

A Brief History Of Time – Stephen Hawking

Time is not real. But the linear perception of time can be manipulated. He talks about worm holes, black holes and time travel. You can travel to the future, the past and back.

Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler

Myths about Hitler abound. Some say he is still alive, having reincarnated as a world leader. My history teacher once said Hitler was the most evil man to have ever lived. He killed his mother, wife, was an occultist. His Nazi army slaughtered millions of Jews during the holocaust. I grew up hating him. That is what misinformation does. Makes you hate people you have never met or know nothing about. Mein Kampf is an autobiography. Hitler takes you through his journey as a young man in the streets of Vienna. His talent in art. How he eventually got into politics.

How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie

I dislike How-To books,but this one made sense. We all want to be loved. Get hired, get promotions without paying a bribe. It is not magic. Get easily into relationships without all the unnecessary fuss. This is a practical application as compared, say, The Law of Attraction where you think things into being. Criticize without being hated for it, compliment without passing off as a flatterer, be a better communicator, win friends quickly and easily without appearing desperate and lonely , become popular without ‘selling your soul’, etc.

The Law Of Attraction – Rhoda Byrne

I watched the film atleast 5 times before reading the book at my local pranic healing center. Another life changing book. Almost all of the books above emphasize one thing: we create our own reality. We are our thoughts. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. We attract fortune and misfortunes, luck, good and bad relationships, disease, war, wealth and poverty. We even chose when, why, where and by whom to be born, when and how to die. It changed my life.

A Soul’s Journey Afterlife – Peter Richelieu

Don’t you ever wonder where you go when you die? Popular religious books talk of hell and heaven: an eternity of pain and pleasure based on how you lived your physical life. Scary, isn’t it? Then what’s the purpose of freewill?

Written from somebody who has experienced death, he says life on the other side is more or less the same, except that our physical bodies are dropped and almost every thought is instantaneous. Your talents here on earth have a place there. Learning continues. There is no god dishing out rewards for sinners and saints. Negative projections like envy, hate, pain, disease are non-existent. Communication is telepathic while travel is teleportation. You can communicate with loved ones here on earth. How we die doesn’t matter. It makes you wanna die right now, doesn’t it? Death is beautiful. Do not fear it. Jesus wept for the first time in the Bible we he saw people mourn the dead (Lazuras’ death). They didn’t understand the beauty of dropping the physical body.


These books will definitely change your life. If you have read them, read again. Your beliefs will certainly change. People you don’t need will leave you alone. Time wasted on competing for material pursuit in the name of achievement will be channeled to worthier causes. Time wasted on mind-numbing TV programmes, newspapers, sports, hate, war, gossip, fear, regret, will find its divine purpose in creative work, creating wealth, meditation, healing, reading, nature replenishment, etc.

You will attract opportunities and the right people. But above all, you must act (work, speak, ask)! You can’t simply will food onto your table or a car to your garage or a hot partner into your bed. Physical energy has to be invested. We are given hands and brain for a purpose. Religion and politics will be of no interest. Acts of terror, famine, road accidents, and all forms of fear and pain will have a different meaning. News will become a bore. Drinking, drugs, violence, judgment of people, anything that does not feed you spiritually and intellectually will have no place in your system. Looking for love and happiness in other people and money will cease, so will be attachment to either things, people or social positions. You will create your own purpose for being here. You will realize there is no accidents and coincidences. You will be in tune with the Now, the present moment.

The path to enlightenment and awakening will have just begun.

If there are other books you feel you like to share, comment. Leave e-mail if you need any of the above materials or simply Google search the titles for PDF downloads.


Love & Light


9 thoughts on “20 Books You Should Read Before You Die

  1. intresting list Wudz, i do not entirely agree with you there. indeed politics is in everything we do…like deciding who btn you n your small siz shud get what,n how-jus an example. thats politics. and religion? well…it all boils down to good vs. opinion.
    would like to check out those books though,would you be so kind to email em to me at


  2. When I first came across Conversations with God and read it, I said Fuck Religion. Vol 2 when they talk about fulfilling one’s purpose and how Hitler fulfilled his and so nigga prolly ends up in heaven. Religion is jus a shitty control mechanism… Thnx for the list man


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