Homosexuality is nothing new – either in the Western context or in Africa, specifically in Kenya. It is all over in Kenyan jails, in college hostels, in boarding schools. In world history, Greek mythology is awash with gods who had sex with other gods of the same sex. Apollo and Hyacinth (the son of Sparta), Achilles and his best friend Patroclus, Zeus and Gandmede all practiced homosexuality. In the Bible, the Sodom (etymology for ‘sodomy’) and Gomorrah incident where men wanted to have sex with angels (yet angels have no sex) is only too familiar. This is often used as an alibi by Christians to condemn homosexuals to sulphur and brimstone. In Africa, it is alleged that King Mwanga 2 of Buganda had sexual relations with men. It is ironical that Uganda is leading in lynching homosexuals. At this time and age, an African who finds same-sex strange, is either ignorant or blindly conservative.

Actually, writing from a Kenyan perspective, the main reasons why homosexuality attracts such opposition, name-calling and public ridicule of prominent figures like writer Binyavanga Wainana, are:

• Homosexuality is un-African.
• Homosexuality is ungodly.
• Same-sex marriage is an elitist (Illuminati) agenda of reducing population in Africa.
• It is an unnatural act.

Reacting to the first claim, I don’t know why an Africa feels justified to attach his beliefs to his hypothetical intimacy to nature. Looking around, what’s African about the way we live? We don’t live in caves anymore. What’s uniquely Kenyan? What is the typical African/Kenyan way of having sex? In African history, it is alleged, in Dahomey Kingdom, older women would sometimes marry younger women for absolutey moral reasons. The irony is, the same Kenyans who seek to consecrate sex are on the news for raping donkeys among other sickening acts of bestiality. Almost every facet of our lifestyle (academics, government, religion, media, medicine, dressing, music, language (English!), sexual positions, food…) is an imitation (influence) from the West, Middle East and everywhere else outside Africa. What makes same-sex relations any different?

On the godly question, man has done worse things than, crudely put, sashaying his penis into another man’s anus. Forget about your genitalia, look at your hands. Those hands have ruined lives, killed, taken a bribe, written hateful words, transmitted germs to your own body, hands! Simply put, we are hypocrites. We judge too much. We believe it is wrong if it is somebody else doing it. But as long as it is me doing it, it justified. There is nothing godly in judging others because of their sexual preference.

On the depopulation agenda, to an extent, it is true. AIDS, Ebola, vaccines, GMOs, terrorism (funded by the West and orchestrated by African sycophants in power) have played their part in regulating population in “Third World” countries. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to buy this. Homosexuality might as well work because, logically, same-sex couples won’t naturally bear children unless they apply alternatives like surrogacy or adoption. That being said, the media (Facebook, movies, rap videos, magazines) through celebrities and their “coming out” stunts, is being used as a tool to psychologically trigger the Gay Syndrome. Gay Syndrome is where an individual who was not born gay starts to exhibit gay tendencies like same-sex sexual fantasies, attraction towards the same sex, fascination with gay porn, dressing changes, etc. Every TV series (the hyped Empire, How to Get Away with Murder, Spartacus…) is laced with gay scenes and through subconscious programming, young people start developing gay tendencies. Reproductive Health youth centers are funded to further this agenda. The fact is, very few people are born gay. Be that as it may, none of us harbours the virtuousness we were born with. Natural progression must come to play. The rare cases of transvites, hermaphrodites, sissy/tomboy complexes, GID (gender identity disorder), hormonal imbalance, among other medical findings, shed light on the question as to why people are born gay.

In Kenyan circles, the same-sex craze (like yoga, it’s a fashion statement to some people) is largely attributed to one-gender boarding schools, media influence, cultural dynamism, past relationship insecurities, experimentation/curiosity, prostitution, peer influence, divorce, etc.

Of sex being a natural act or not, that is debatable. It is akin to debating whether human beings should be only one race or all trees should be green. Sex is what makes us animals. It is why we rape people, sodomize or induce bedroom fetishes such as choking, pulling hair, whips, use of aphrodisiacs – it is what made 50 Shades of Grey popular. It is our animal instinct hunting for a release. However, sex is bigger than that. Sex makes us gods. Sex is creative energy. That shouldn’t be mistaken with the Hollywood myth of creative people being sex addicts. It is actually the opposite. Jesus and Mary (the virgin) did what they did (the so-called miracles) because their creative (sexual energy) was not abused. That is why human beings are more creative in their adolescent/puberty stages because the sex portal is activated and has not hitherto abused. That is why in some sports the retirement age is below 35. That is why in some cults, the blood of virgins when drunk is believed to bring good luck, heal diseases, invoke demons, etc.

When this sexual energy is abused, it has disastrous effects on the human mind and the world at large. For instance, on same-sex subject, anal sex triggers the reptilian brain of human beings. This in turn is responsible for suppressed rage in gay people known as “sodomy rage”. Not all gay men are nerds, or geeks or well-dressed soft-palmed sissies. If that were the case, homosexuality won’t be so rampant in prison or in the military, the two institutions where aggression is vital. It is the distortion of the base chakra that leads to “aimlessness”, aggressive and docile personality in sexually abused boys (I hear the Vatican is full of these. Then you keep burning gay people in the name of religion!). For all it is worth, please don’t force this on our young boys. Coupled with stigma and homophobia, this lifestyle becomes a threat to the survival of the individual. However, some same- sex relationships thrive in an environment where understanding and tolerance are availed. Alternatively, some gay couples prefer to keep it private, hence “closet gays”. Like any other habit, homosexuality can be addictive; partners can become abusive and unfaithful just like in any other relationship.

Therefore, there is no ‘natural’ way of having sex. What ticks straight men off is the image of two men in the romp. If natural is what to go by, then women won’t be shoving vibrating plastics into their God- given portals to induce squirts, nor would men grab soap foams in the shower. According to Gnostic texts, man is not supposed to ejaculate. So the porn-inspired craze of squirting is another perversion. It is a waste of creative energy. From creation myths, it easy to conclude incest is also nothing new though deemed unnatural and backed up by science. The first family must have had sex with their siblings to ‘fill the earth’. The debate about nature and sex is endless. The bottom line is to find what works for you and bear the consequences.

Now, religious people reading this must be gritting their teeth at the title of this article: “God is Gay”. If I were a prominent personality in this country, I would be summoned for resignation or something. Some readers of my articles and poems assume I’m some anti-God anti-Christian Atheist. That is just preposterous. Look at the bigger picture. Now, the assumed blasphemy aside, the point is simple: stop looking at gaysim as merely an act of sexual perversion. Gaysim is an act of personal choice. It is an act of love: love for sexual desire (which is but natural). Love for the other human being regardless of the gender; love for identity (for instance, somebody may use this as a sign of social protest or rebellion just like Kurt Cobain did); love for humanity (for everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally) and love for the self (a soul mate in this physical reincarnation can take any form: gender, race, age, etc.).

Since God is a symbol of love, pure love doesn’t judge or discriminate; it just loves. If g(G)od was one of us (whoever God is in your understanding. To me God is pure energy – Love in its purest essence), what would he/she/it/they do? Burn gay people? Quote the Bible or Quran to justify hate crimes against fellow mankind? Reprimand gay people in Hiphop lyrics or froth in the mouth breathing hell fire from the pulpit? What if God “came out” and said he is gay? Actually, what if God is gay? (God is androgynous according to ancient writing).

So what if you are gay? So what if you are not? Gay people should also stop playing the helpless victim card, feeling like some special minority group and demonstrating in the streets with piteous placards. You are giving these self-righteous clueless heterosexuals unnecessary power. They are dealing with issues way bigger than what one ought to do with their genitals, hands and lips. One could say they are looking for something to hate. They are no different from racists. You are fattening wallets of these LGBT activists from donor funds that can be channeled elsewhere. Don’t be weak! Be proud of yourself!

Sexual preference shouldn’t even be a legal debate. Kenyans (gay, bi, or straight), the TV talk shows and sex experts don’t care what you think. It is another game plan to gauge statistics and get you talking on social media. When the time is ripe, just like in South Africa, it will be ‘legalized’. Whatever the case, homosexuality is a sexual preference and should be accorded its natural space in the undercurrents of human evolution.


15 thoughts on “God is Gay

  1. Hope you are not talking of the God I know because that doesn’t really impress him. He has power to do things, to breathe life to people, and making other creatures. Just dnt know what to say. I leave Him to teach you what He thinks is best.
    ddnt read to the end tho. I get that often in my blog too wen some content doesn’t go down well with others.


  2. 1st so how is God gay again?
    2nd all I’ve read is hypothesis it’s either “I hear” or “it’s alleged”.
    Gaysim is Satanic P.E.R.I.O.D!!! No amount of justification can justify that B.S. and those few Kenyans who performed those acts of bestiality on animals what makes you believe they weren’t gay? Oh! I get it cause majority of Kenyans are straight.


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    1. I don’t know exactly how to respond to your comment. Maybe I should start by affirming this: the truth is objective. Second, Satanism is a myth – a state of mind. A fear born of ignorance and Biblical myths. Satan is god. Satan is love. Satan is spirit. Satan is man. Satan is you. Satan is assholes like you who are quick to judge and sling insults. Insults are for immature, lazy and ignorant people. I deal with folks like yourself on daily basis. They somehow fuel my reasoning.

      In this context, I shouldn’t be then one to be “fucked” but the stereotypical mentality of this majority of straight Kenyans with twisted sense of love. Now, how about that?


  3. Dear Writer,
    You have failed. You have failed terribly to connect the allegation in your title with any concrete explanation (in other quarters its called evidence). How dare you treat God like He’s some random street urchin! No blogger worth his mettle choses a title and fails to live up to it, in the name of attracting readership. C’mon!


    1. The title notwithstanding, the issue here is simple: we are gods in flesh. As for expectations, writing can ever meet everyone’s expectations. If the title caught your attention, the purpose of this article is, hopefully, half-way met. And that is, seeing gay people as equals, if not to fellow men, then to God (whichever God you worship that thinks street urchins are trash before his eyes.)


  4. It is ironic how most criticisms of homosexuality as “un-African” are based on imported religions. Just a few comments:
    -I beg to differ that almost every aspect of an African’s lifestyle is an imitation of the west. Yes the dominant narrative is a western one, but there are African academics, African systems of governance that should be revisited, African fashion, African music, African food . . and “African” is itself a HUGE generalization.
    -Regarding “Gay Syndrome,” sexual preference is a spectrum, not a bifurcation. It’s perfectly normal for a human (also in fact, animals) to be fluid on sexual preference. Contemporary religion is one of the main reasons society discriminates against anything outside the ‘perfect’ family of husband, wife and biological children. Thus, no such thing as Gay Syndrome.
    -You have stereotyped gay relationships.
    -The views in this post are not quite as liberal as they may seem. Describing homosexuality as an addictive habit, for example.
    -Gay people playing the helpless victim card?! LGBTI folks are extremely discriminated against and are not accorded their human rights! Yes they are victims, of oppression.

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    1. Narissa, thank you for your reflections and, yes, I concur with some, actually most of the issues you have raised above. The gay question is abysmal. No single opinion can ever fully exhaust the dynamics. We live in a world that thrives in prevalent opinions, liberal or otherwise. It’s unfortunate that homosexuality cannot be discussed without touching on other similarly controversial subjects like religion, culture and modernity. My effort to draw parallels may have sidelined a few facts for obvious reasons.The sensitivities perceived therein are not deliberate. The point is, if the gay community stood up and claimed their space, we would have less victimization. I’m a non-believer of violence as a means to coerce society into reaching compromise but then again, alternative means have to be pioneered if at all change is to be realized.


    2. It’s the African culture that’s being compromised not religion, I’m not sure the West would tolerate us if we introduced Manyatas or Masai dressing codes in the streets of England or Alaska. See our traditions are our originality and nobody has a right to take away that from us, why isn’t anybody criticizing Saudi and the likes? Because they are discipline to their origin and that doesn’t mean they don’t import things from the West, they do but only what helps them.


      1. Civilization is defined by social advancement, cultural infiltration or assimilation and decent economic ideals.

        If the African in the 21st century is to blow the civilization trampet, then he should squarely embrace the cost that comes with that. That includes inevitability in social structure alteration and compromise of primordial way of life.

        Sex, which is constantly overlooked, is not immune to these subtleties.


  5. Whoever the writer is, they should stop writing. There really is nothing unique in this post to brag about. This is just old news collected, edited and consolidated to fit the ridiculous theory the writer woke up to with their brilliant, progressive, boundless and ‘open’ mind. Mike, is it? To sum him up, the guy keeps on comparing one wrong to another to show the different levels of tolerances assigned to each. Then since there seems to be more ‘judging’ on certain acts than in others, he concludes that everyone that thinks same sex relations are worse than a five year old stealing a pencil in class, is pretentious and hypocritical. Forget it being disgusting. If expert writer deems it all human flaw that we should accept, then it is all okay. No need to be alarmed. That guy that wants to steal your phone? You should probably give it to him sooner, with all the love in the world. I’m sure you’ve taken something that’s not yours before, and that somewhere along the way he will come to his senses and stop bothering people.
    Writer even proceeds to tell us about the Pope screwing little boys, doubtfully from first hand accounts. Yup! All Christians are the Pope! I mean you are, what you eat, or in other circumstances, confess to, right? 🙂
    Pure genius! Also, the title is very daring. I’ll give him that. Also, he should stop writing.


    1. What wears me out is defending what I write. Really. I have always have had one maxim: people understand what they want. In this context, nothing stated above should be new; including the subject of discussion, and with the Internet, nothing much should be expected. My first instinct was to ignore the above comment but then again, if your writing cannot be challenged by your readers, for what purpose do we write? In a nutshell, I will justify nothing. This is the era of (mis) information, it can and should be twisted to fit any philosophy. Writers never actually tell us anything new. Information is oftentimes recycled with new approaches. This is my side of the mirror.

      As for my writing, bragging and presupposed squabbles, subscribe to the blog! It is worth your time, trust me. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  6. Thought provoking read and interesting read…My take is:

    Gay people don’t directly infringe on the rights of heterosexuals so live and let live.
    Couldn’t agree more, the media is just in it for the ratings…
    Anyway,imo the whole homosexuality topic is a First World Problem.We have bigger issues to tackle like poverty,ignorance & disease.


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