Muffled mumbles and
Temple saxophones
Orchestrating the ascension
No man should die untested
Vexed even
Let every word written re-echo the unspoken
Let rivers witness the slaughter of innocence
I’m tipping Libra scales
Fate be like

‘To be or not to be, you be the quest’

Reflections on thought forms of rough seas
My own reincarnation was cosmically spontaneous
A flak off the Big Bang Theory
You died once
My excuse?
I was too young to play god
This time Adam’s wife hated the seed of the apple
I play spectator of your demise
You were a product of love’s revenge
Wish I could Saul William my own Saturn Rivers Renge
So I could bleed poems for your daddy’s smiles
And you could walk through rings of fire
Just to fire-proof you want to live

Why do you have to leave?

I may not bake unleavened bread for your starvation
But I can love you selfishly
I can dream you eyes wide shut
I can be Nasir Jones or Black Stacey
You can hum hooks on my Blue Ivy
You could have been a goddess of a godless me
Atheist tears on closed Hebrew scriptures
You are the future gone past
I still cherish like a present
Preset the hands of time
Till you are ready to fall in my arms
Tiny feet and gulps of life force
I could choke on the moment
Of divine cloning
And remind myself I am a creator
My genetic carrier is you

Till then
I’ma be here drinking from half-full glasses
In front of my medulla lobe sketching future revelations
Write of homies stuck on ghetto dream pedestals stoned like martyrs
I will shoot the moon and reclaim my freedom
I will row your boat in my wettest dreams
If love conquers all
I will conquer myself first
For memories’ sake
I will replay Lamar’s ‘Dying of Thirst’
Until the snow stops to melt without the touch of the sun
Music notes on torn pages become broken symphonies
Searching for god’s face through secular tearing of the veil
Treading my path in grandpop’s footsteps
His name is yours
Mary’s name could be yours

Look, like I said
Tear through the firmament when your soul is ready
To insulate the flesh

Till then
Let her live
Let me not judge [her] either