christ is a consciousness level and not some handsome bearded jew you should bow down to when life weighs heavily on you

in the beginning they found the tomb empty
void and without form
that symbolized the death of man
the cross is a symbol of vanity
“it’s finished” he said to the bones
and your sacrifices mean nothing to a selfish god

so I push my earphones to the eardrum
to numb the ignorance ya’ll been taught and you got the nuts to call that modern day classics on your thesis
thus wisdom is polymorphic and book-ish knowledge is plastic
plastic surgery of the mind your thoughts are no longer original
originally hiphop was a chant of the slaves in cotton fields
fields of magnetic waves we all pulse in the same frequency
frequently I fondle the truth on her sagging nipples only to ejaculate prematurely and she slaps me with reality
reality is a gypsy pimp peddling illusions to horny wisdom seekers
seek ye first the kingdom of enlightenment and the firmament will be torn in the middle to reveal the veil
verily, verily, I say unto thee, he who has seen me has seen god so the mirror is my shortcut to the one you seek in church corridors and rumours of war
war of the mind
mindless clones out of tune with nature
nature is a woman and we are hurting her feelings
feelings are more powerful than thoughts
my thoughts are clean though I ain’t been brainwashed by media-o-crity

so click SHIFT on your matrix keyboards to activate hidden portals to infinity


are you feeling this?

then you blind seekers eat braille for bread
turn the word into flesh
and eat this shit in my memory.