Philosophy: The Truth is a Child.

Saul Williams:
“Only believers in death will die.”

Facebook and Death:
“What’s the purpose behind the verse?
You grab words by the throat hoping to choke life’s meaning out of it.
Family, friends become silhouettes, misty vibrations.
Are you lucky to live or death is fattening your soul for celestial slaughter?
You face the four winds every dawn and whisper gratitude.”

“The truth is a child.
Akin to preachers and leaders, the tongue is a pedophile.”

The Self:
“I travel in a journey called I to find me.”

21st Century Scholars:
“We are The Left Brain intellects.”

New Ager:
“Angel feathers on your shoulder,
You are so fly, you are time:
Pebbles cast on a time pond,
Ripples of butterfly effect – thoughts manifest we.
Mayan superstitions.
Look how ambitions rob us of the present;
We barely pause to fart.”

Grandma’s Smoking Pipe to My Little Sister’s Obsession with the Broken Mirror:
“Beauty is in the shape of the nose.”

Love, Sex & Money:
““Baby, it’s OK if you say no” and any other form of pillow talk is a trap.
Don’t fall for it!”

Emotions and Nature:
“Jealousy is like worms.
Anger is thunder.
Sympathy is like clouds.
Worry is like mist.
Greed is like starfish.
No. Octopus. Octopuses.
Teacher, I mean, octopi.”

Poetry and Breakups. And Pain:
“When writers break up, adjectives become knives: they want to skin each other alive, expose their bruised nakedness to the uncaring world. Words are loose cannons, arrows and sticks. WhatsApp ‘statuses’ become moods. Pain and vengeance is their sulfur and charcoal. Gunpowder things.

What I’m saying is, pain can be beautiful. Use it recreationally. It made Eminem rich (off of Black music). It made Jesus a saviour of (dumb) mankind. Like Rumi said, the wound is where the light enters you.”

Being Human, an Asshole and a Thinker:
“The world would be a perfect place if we all lived by the advice we give others.

But who wants a perfect world? I ask the fly on the wall as I take a dump.

A perfect word means no war, disease, greed, discrimination, hate, projects..
What the fuck will we write about, riot about?”

Power of the P:
“The moment you see a good ass, you begin thinking with your dick-head.”

Spoken Word Punchlines:
“Cardiac surgery, change of heart.”

“They kill beats and shoot videos: murder music.”