Download FREE Poetry Books, Magazines & Articles

Chronicles of a Lost Poet by Mike Wudz
Chronicles of a Lost Poet
THE SENTENCE: Behind Bars of Wit EPA Anthology
The President’s Eulogy & Other Poems
The President's Eulogy & Other Poems
Whipers by Harun Ogutu
Whispers by Harun
Wudz – The Ascension
Wudz – Why I Write
The Blueprint Hiphop Magazine
The Blueprint Magazine
Mantra Inc. Publishers Brochure

Mantra Inc.
Mantra Inc.

Mantra Inc. specializes in digital publication and online distribution. Our major field is in e-books compilation, professional editing and proof-reading, design and packaging.

We publish novels, poetry collections, short story anthologies, biographies, self-help books, magazines, et cetra; for established and up-coming writers.

For our affordable rates, e-mail or call/text +254702 021 656

Mantra Inc.
P.O. Box 4708


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