when writing an erotic poem
don’t talk about a naked woman straddled on a pillow
or how her vagina’s pubic hair dances on a mock ritual of ecstasy
don’t go too deep into details like when the dick-head hits the hilt
and she squirms and moans and grabs the bed’s railing if your shoulders become too soft for her grasp

if you want to write an erotic poem
avoid vulgar references like checking if your penis is still in the right hole
because she knows how to grip and release her pussy muscles in quick successions and the grip is too tight you want to cum too soon but you know better

the audience sighs

so you slow down, look at the audience, check the temperature in the room
presume to bite her ear lobe to divert attention and pick up the pace again

avoid teasing the audience in a poetry reading the way you tease her pussy lips with light brushes of your manhood just to make her wet

by now if men in your audience have not crossed their legs or pretended to read a text in their phones, then you have failed as a poet; you have failed to make your woman cum

now, write about war instead.


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