imagine god
angrily biting into an apple in the middle of traffic
regretting momentarily the setbacks of soul contracts
of having signed
I AM into flesh
acid water drips from his ever-seeing eye to compensate
the price of being human

you see self-pity is like doing surgery on yourself
no healing of self-inflicted wounds
so you get to learn how to write pain for the strings
into a violin of violent distortions

how do you smile at the sun when there’s acne in your sky?
tears don’t brag on a drum beat – they just flow

you then hear the wind in a woman’s scent
your mother’s constant whisper pats a weary shoulder
hail mary
your silver cord hands
thence my life force sprang
every family goes through this
she said
before she and pops split up like a search team
she said
son, in this web of small lies
and love affairs
if you ever get lost
lose yo’self in a kiss

a young’n, you fret for bread
only streets to be like
son, swallow your pride or spit blood
savage lullaby knocking on project doors
waiting on the hawk to scavenge the gutter
and fly home with a worm on its peak
somewhere somebody lost someone or something;
a family, a lover, a job, a story or a sense of worth
with tongue ulcers we learn to spit blood
into these anaemic calculations

when you think things could be any worse
you fall in love
and my love said
i wish i could make blue movies out of my wet dreams
then you get to learn
imagination is sexier than reality

you engrave cartridge splotches on paper
to share poems and bullshit
to the starving world like the last immortal cookie
eat this in my memory

with clasped palms and contorted eyebrows
you hum a silent mantra to your guardian angel:

“electrocute my chi
with cosmic ley-lines
and leave traces of my etheric body
on incarnation’s uneven staircases.”