Occult syllables I chant like Balavatsky,
No court Jordans I take shots at the galaxy,
l dunk on Saturn ring as the target,
We could turn the world into a carpet,
To drop crumbles of our greed,
To feed the streets the thirst to succeed.
Paper chase you is?
Life is a game, isn’t it?
Red card to ya’ll hater,
Shawty, streets is hotter,
I need a shade in your heart,
Let your tongue spin my world,
‘Member July 1st 2012, right before the world ended?
Ours began and,
When you sent me bail money though,
When my blood brother lied to the lady cop,
I knew you left God in a rage,
To walk out of heaven to hug a thug in a cage,
Your right nipple had a lump in it,
Cancer? You was just a teen,
God of sinners and winners,
Why this?
I was weeping sorry mom, it’s the life I was given,
Actually it was the crime I was given,
The other older cop was friendly,
The younger one hated me,
Because I was banging the same broad that refused him,
Bought her drinks for a fling she used him,
He never took eyes of my crotch,
As he kept flipping his baton…

I beg your pardon,

See, it’s a cold world, Jess,
Niggaz walk around with ice on their chest,
Ati Jesus piece?
Nigga please!
Failed school test,
Got a ghetto pass, next,
Pass blunts and burp,
To make their brains sharp!
Street paradox,
Pandora box,
It’s a germ in a hearse,
The world is cursed,
The blessed are weak,
The wicked are sleek,
No cum drips for barren cunts to lick,
Who will listen when we speak?
When self-glory is all we seek,
In verses, podiums and blessed are the meek…

See, I killed a man last week.

All that nigga wanted was to piss his frustrations in my cup of street dreams because I was fucking his daughter and she was only a teen I met in Club 411 twerking in a mini skirt we took a taxi to the hood and she sucked my nuts at the back and when we reached home cops knocked at my door in the dawn and now my nuts hurt either from the police kicks or the hyper banging so I got released and called my killers and we shot the bastard and it is the same shit that happened in July 21st in a tiny village in Luhya-land.